Decided to go and check out the nite life of South Beach Miami,  After dancing on their beach club. Strolling down the strip, taking time to look at the shops and admiring the beauty of the beach.   How quiet the night it was, feeling the soft winds from the beach.


Hanging out on the Pier looking out at the few people still lingering aroundsouthbeach4_001

Sitting on the steps, wondering if there is a coffee shop nearby.   Ohh Yeah as I start walking, came across this Starbucks



Just my luck,  it just closed…..  I will wait for the officer to return to his patrol car


The things I will do for a cup of coffee.



Have a good evening.   Time to go home


  • Dress:        Evolve Industry – Bounce

  • Hair:          Vanity Hair Akina-All Reds Pack


  • Shoes:        ::HH:: Hucci Jan 2018 – Group Gift (Wear Me)

  • Jewerly:    EarthStones Signature Stones II Bracelet (wear me)

  • Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

  • Lelutka Chloe Mesh Benito Head

  • Swallow Roberta Skin


South Beach Miami




Strolling around the Emporia Sim,  looking at all the Haute Couture Stores.   A perfect sunny day for walking around browsing.



A gorgeous dress, can be dressed up for the night out with the girls or having dinner.

The dress  is a black print with some splashes of green and red.


As I am sitting on the bench,  taking time out to relax.   Thinking of which store to visit next.



  • Wearing Evolve Bad Reputation

  • Shoes by Empire

  • Handbag by Vero Modero

  • Jewelry by Earthstone



Peace and Joy


Hi Everyone,  I am Rhian Milena.   I have been in SL 10yrs this December.   I not much of a blogger but wanted to give it a shot.   Thought of what a great place to blog about is a place called Pacifique,  My hangout with the people I call family.   From the landing point we have a dance floor,  a sitting area and game room.  Eclair has made this sim to fit everyone taste.  We have a Beach House , Club House, Underwater,  Forest and the list goes on.  It’s a place to visit, explore, make new friends  Every section has pose balls,  sitting place and dance area.  Many ways to explore Pacifique, by land, sea and air

Pacifique Sign Wide


Pacifique started back in 2009, Eclair Martinek and Phacule Gothly.   A place for friends to gather to laugh and have fun.  Our saying is “Come as YOU are and NO Drama”.  Over the years we have shared our RL lives with each other and became a family.   Well I already Adopted Eclair and Phac as Mom and Dad earlier.

Eclair in over the years, has become one amazing builder.  she has won a few awards from RFL for her work.  6 years of designer sim at RFL and this year will be 2nd year to RFL Christmas Expo.  She got asked to do 4 sim – for this coming Christmas expo.  She is also amazing photographer.   Nothing can hold her down.  She is one of the most important person to me.  She is the Life and Soul of Pacifique

Lots of see at Pacifique.   Eclair loves changing it up as the Seasons come and go.  She is getting ready for Halloween.

The Underwater is a fun place to put on your Mermaid/Merman avatar.  To dance, swim, take ride on a sea monsters and explore .  I always watch out for Fred our family Octopus pet.   He is very moody and certainly doesn’t  like me.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.   Come and visit and most of all have fun

I wearing:

  • Hair by Elika Tira
  • Outfit by Seven
  • Shoes by Empire
  • Jewelry by Earthstones

Peace and Love

Rhi Milena

Fashion Trends

This is your very first post.   Wearing a cute jumpsuit from [sYs]Designs and paired it with the Gizza Jacket,  boots and sunglasses.   SCI-FI TO URBAN_001

HAIR          Mina  YULIYA
OUTFIT     [sYs]Designs Revolt
Gizza Urban Style  (for boots and sunglasses)

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