Winter Blues

Wow we all need a vacation even in SL.   I decided to check out the surf at Kono Beach …..  Man these waves were awesome.   Gorgeous white sand, clear blue ocean and huge waves.   Don’t worry if you left your swimwear behind.  Can buy one there or if you prefer a wet suit.  There are lots of exploring to do, little path ways to little islands.  I have the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” running thru my mind.

After strolling the beach, I grabbed the surfboard and hit the waves.   I was impressed with myself.   I was surfing in and out of waves,  In the middle of the a huge wave.  I was having so much fun that i worked up an appetite.    Time to find a lounge chair and rest by the pool and mingle.

I am having so much fun,  enjoying the sun and waves.  Thinking should I just become a beach bum and surf all day?   Have one more day left of vacation and going to take an helicopter tour and horse back riding

“Sighs” Vacation is over


Peace and Love





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