Going to the Chapel and we are gonna get married……

Well was 2009 when I was last married.  Never thought I would find someone again.   I stopped believing in fairy tales long ago.   Sure there have been few guys in the past came close and then again RL smacks us in the face and they had to leave.  Trying to find someone that just want to hangout, enjoy each other’s company and have fun may be easy for some,  but I found it hard in this wonderful virtual world. 

I met my amazing man a year ago last July, 2017.  Paxton Hammer is his name and he doesnt log in everyday and tries his best on Saturday’s,  When he is able to log in, we were inseparable.  We would get lost in an conversation to the point where we are the only ones on the dance floor.  We quickly became friends, basically we called each other “Sis and Bro”.   Never talked about dating  or the future.  probably cause we were in a triangle.  I met Paxton around 2 week after Antwone.  Even thought his work schedule kept him from SL,  he allowed me to see other men.   I have always stated nothing can’t go farther than a friendship.   Paxton understood and respected my wishes.  We would go out dancing on Saturday’s.   As time went by, our feelings were growing for each other.  I would find myself just gazing into his brown eyes falling for him.   I may not believe in an heavenly power.  In someway, somehow I do believe he was sent to me to fall in love.

Now 16 months later chilling at home,  Paxton casually states “Its time we take this to the next level”  I am looking confused and he states “lets get MARRIED!”    We took the weekend to finally decide if this what we truly wanted.  I knew then my answer would be “YES”  Knowing that he is 3+ hours ahead me  and with a few compromises  I know we can make this work, like so many other couples that has managed to be with the person they love despite their time differences and ours isn’t as bad.   This will his first and my second.  I am so looking forward in becoming Mrs. Paxton Hammer.  

All I know when I gaze into Paxton’s eyes,  when he throws his arms around me tightly.   The whole world dissolves around us.   I feel this calming peace and love.  Two heartbeats becomes one

Now the shopping begins, looking for gowns,  rings and so on.  Demo’s Demo’s and more Demo’s … the only problem is the that a few gowns that caught my eye did not have a demo.  Most of Designers do not have Demo’s for Wedding Gowns.  I am able to cross things off the “TO DO” list.  Most important need to finalize the Wedding Date and Time!! 

Stay tune as Rhi and Paxton continues on this one amazing journey as they walk this path on this together.  

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